For over 175 years, Rendel has been involved in the design, engineering and construction of bridge structures throughout the world. The firm has extensive experience of all forms of construction and type including continuous multi-span viaducts, long marine crossings, swing and lift bridges and floating bridges.

Recent projects have involved linear and non-linear dynamic and spectral response analysis to ensure performance under seismic, ship impact and aerodynamic effects. Our experience also includes innovative, cost-saving foundation schemes and safeguarding structures subject to geotechnical threats such as liquefaction and mining subsidence.

In steel bridges, Rendel has contributed significantly to the development of long span bridge engineering with designs of cable-stayed steel box girders, which include one of the longest span bridges and the slenderest cable-stayed bridges in the world.


  • Major bridges and viaducts and marine crossings (cable-stayed, extradosed, segmental, arch, multi-span viaducts)
  • Erection engineering and construction advice
  • Proof consultancy and independent checking
  • Tender designs for contractors
  • Unusual and complex structures