Lyme Regis Stabilisation and Enabling Works

Stabilisation and Enabling Works

Lyme Regis, UK

Rendel has worked with West Dorset District Council since the mid 1990's on the design and implementation of slope stabilisation works and coast protection to protect the site from the risk of collapse and allow further development.

Since 2000, Rendel has been responsible for the development of concept slope stabilisation a coast protection schemes leading through to detailed design addressing the complex landslide systems at Lyme Regis town, and through to tender document preparation.

Rendel has also provided design, contract procurement and construction supervision for advanced slope stabilisation works comprising various piling types and configurations. Three separate areas were deemed to be at high risk from the reactivation of the coastal landslides and Rendel finalised designs, prepared contract documents and supervised the construction of the works.

We have also managed the construction design, supervision and planning supervisor services the construction stage of a coast protection and slope stabilisation scheme.

From 2006 to 2008, Rendel was responsible for option selection, preliminary design and planning stage of a coast protection and slope stabilisation scheme. Study including design of slope, foreshore and landscape aspects, Environmental Impact studies, DEFRA/EA funding application process, planning consent etc.