Moldova Roads Technical Audits

Location: Moldova
Client: European Investment Bank
Date: 2014 - 2018
Services: Technical Audit


Moldova's road network totals about 16,800km, of which less than 10 per cent was in good to fair condition in 2006, according to the World Bank. In reaction to this, the Government of Moldova, supported by the World Bank, has prepared a comprehensive Land Transport Infrastructure Strategy for the period 2008-2017 with special focus on the road sector.

The purpose of the technical audit, financed by the European Investment Bank, is to allow an independent team, formed as a JV, to form a professional opinion on the compliance of road works with the technical specifications and standards described in the relevant contract documents, for the entire Road Sector Program (including both the part funded by (i) international financial institutions and donors and (ii) through the government's own budget).

The overall scope and outputs of includes:

  • Audit of works supervision (quality of works supervision, conformance with the terms of the contract)
  • Independent laboratory testing, compliance with specifications
  • Audit of goods procurement (conformance with quantities and price)

Scope of Rendel's experts includes:

  • Audit of works execution, visual inspections, compliance with specifications for roads, drainage, bridges and earthworks
  • Preparation of the list of defects and recommendations for remediation including the consecution and maintenance-related defects
  • Comments on the works execution, methodology, traffic management and road safety and detailed design approach



Richard Valenta
Market Sector Director of Highways
Richard Valenta