Rendel Geotechnical Engineer Named Chair of European Technical Committee on the Evaluation of Eurocode 7

Georgios Katsigiannis, Senior Geotechnical Engineer at Rendel, has been named as the new Chair of the European Technical Committee on the Evaluation of Eurocode 7, at the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE). He will assume this role in September 2019.

The ISSMG is an international professional body which represents geotechnical engineers, academics and contractors. There are approximately 20,000 members from around the world and 90 committees.

The European Technical Committee on the Evaluation of Eurocode 7 works to evaluate the design process of various geotechnical scenarios which are covered by Eurocode 7. As described by the ISSMG the committee does this by ‘reviewing the text of Eurocode 7, organising workshops and carrying out design examples that involve assessing the ground conditions, selecting characteristic ground parameter values, choosing a calculation model and designing geotechnical structures to satisfy ultimate and serviceability limit state requirements.’

Georgios has had a long commitment to the geotechnical engineering community and was previously the Secretary of the Committee and has interacted with several of the Eurocode 7 Evolution Groups contributing to the development of the code. He was the founder and organiser of a series of international workshops on Eurocode 7 and New Design Challenges (2013-2015) aiming to inform, train and encourage young geotechnical engineers to engage with the new European safety codes and design methodologies (