Senior drainage engineer at Rendel gives speech at British Hydrological Society

Wahid Uzzaman, senior drainage engineer at Rendel, gave a presentation to the British Hydrology Society’s 13th National Hydrology Symposium on 13 September 2018. Wahid’s presentation “Use of Mathematical Model as a Tool for Drainage Study: Improvement of Surface Water Drainage System of Comilla City Corporation in Bangladesh (Case Study)” was based on Rendel’s recent work in the region for the Government of Bangladesh (GOB).

Many urban areas of Bangladesh require urgent improvements in their drainage systems because of increased population and urbanisation. The existing drainage systems are not sufficiently developed to cope with drainage, sewage, solid waste and piped water supply, causing flooding and water logging in many locations of five large cities in Bangladesh, including Comilla City, every year.

Wahid described the existing problem and the increased use of computer-based mathematical models by engineers to plan water resource systems, design, management and the study of the current and future developments on the improving drainage systems. An abstract of Wahid’s paper can be seen here

Wahid is the International Drainage Engineer working as part of a team of Rendel highways, drainage, bridge and urban planning experts on a feasibility study and master plan review sub-team as well as in the design, supervision and monitoring sub-team to lead the feasibility and detailed designs and coordinate teams of national engineers.

Rendel’s role includes:

  • Drainage improvement feasibility studies
  • Hydrology analysis
  • Basic hydraulic design of major canals and related infrastructure, including culverts, crossing bridges, etc. in urban environment
  • Computer modelling of existing canal systems and drainage network and their improvements, provided reports and modelling outputs