Project Sandy Bottom

Sandy Bottom Small Ports Project

The single largest investment in the history of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force

Rendel has been awarded an Employer’s Representative contract for the provision of specialist marine consultancy services on three new ports facilities to accommodate the new Royal Bahamas Defence Force fleet.

This contract forms part of US$200m investment by the Government of the Bahamas to upgrade ageing naval infrastructure and its fleet of small patrol vessels.

Rendel’s services include provision of procurement and contract advice, a detailed engineering review and construction supervision.

Work commenced in June 2014. The detailed engineering review will largely be carried out in the Bahamas, with two permanent resident engineers on site during the construction supervision phase.

Works include the construction of three small ports, sea walls, sea defences and associated infrastructure. Rendel is working in partnership with Paul E Hanna & Associates, based in Nassau, Bahamas, continuing a relationship that spans 20 years.



Dan Squires
Director of Ports and Maritime
Dan Squires


Ports and Maritime