Aswan Cable-Stayed Bridge


Rendel was appointed as the Egyptian Government's consultants for the design and construction of a 977m long, 21m wide cable-stayed road bridge

Bangladesh Bridges


Replacement of 36 narrow, single-lane bridges in the west of Bangladesh.

Garden Bridge

London, United Kingdom

The Garden Bridge is a planned 366m long footbridge that would cross the River Thames between Waterloo Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge

High Speed Rail Project

United Kingdom

This is a UK government-backed scheme to construct a second-high speed railway project.

Manchester Ship Canal Bridge - Salford Gateway A57 Road Improvements Scheme

United Kingdom

In December 2012, a joint venture of HOCHTIEF (UK) Construction and Buckingham Group Contracting was awarded the £30m A57 Road Improvement Scheme.

Mersey Gateway Project

United Kingdom

The Mersey Gateway Project is a major scheme to build a new six-lane, one-mile toll bridge over the Mersey between the towns of Runcorn and Widnes to relieve the congested and ageing Silver Jubilee Bridge.

New Europe Bridge

Vidin/Calafat, Bulgaria/Romania

The second bridge over the shared section of the Danube, part of Pan-European Corridor IV

Obhur Creek Bridge and Secondary Bridges

Saudi Arabia

The two kilometre-long, 74m wide, cable-suspended arch bridge, with a main span in excess of 200m, will link the newly developed North Obhur region to the city's main transport links

Olifants River Bridge

South Africa

SANRAL identified the need for the capacity upgrading and road user safety of this portion of National Road 7 Section 4 at the Olifants River Crossing.

Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project


Funded by the Government of Bangladesh, PDMP will be a two-level, steel truss bridge with a four-lane highway on the upper level and provisions for a single track railway on the lower level.

Shah Amanat Bridge


The first major cable-supported bridge of its kind in Bangladesh

Sheikh Zayed Bridge

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

One of the world's most complex bridge projects

Sydney Metro North West Rail Link

Sydney, Australia

Australia's largest public transport infrastructure project currently under construction