March 2022

Building Bridges at Bushey Meads School STEM Career Day

Rendel engineers’ Federica Martorano and Ioannis Koromilas attended the Bushey Meads School Year 8 STEM Career Day.  The engineers, who have worked on multiple bridges projects for Rendel, brought their work experience to the classroom for the day.

During the day they ran five one-hour lessons with 30 students in each.  The lessons introduced the students to bridge engineering and involved a practical group exercise where they built a truss bridge out of spaghetti and marshmallows.  All the bridges were then tested using a weight at the end of the lesson. 

It is not clear who had more fun - the students or Federica and Ioannis!

Ioannis said, “It was an amazing event! I really enjoyed interacting with students and answering all the smart (and interesting) questions they had about bridges.”