January 2022

Congratulations on ICE successes

Left to right: Kevin Aznar; Nathan Goodreid; Teo Marcel and Jamie Gibson

We are pleased to be able to confirm that Kevin Aznar, Senior Engineer and Nathan Goodreid, Senior Structural Engineer have achieved Chartered Engineer status, following their Professional Review with the ICE last November.  The Chartered Professional Review comprised of a report, presentation, interview and written exam.  Both engineers have demonstrated enthusiasm and determination to complete the Company ICE Training Scheme and Professional Review.  We congratulate them on their success.

We are also pleased to announce that Teo Marcel, Civil Engineer has completed his Initial Professional Development (IPD) under the Institution of Civil Engineers Training Scheme; demonstrating that he has achieved the required level in all seven Attributes to be able to undertake the Chartered Professional Review.  This has also been formally signed off by Rendel’s London ICE Membership Development Officer, Kieran Tully.  Teo will now continue to consolidate his experience and work towards undertaking the Professional Review later this year.  Teo has shown great determination and diligence in attaining the Attributes in a short period of time.  We congratulate him on this milestone to achieving Chartered Engineer status.    

We also announce that Jamie Gibson, Geotechnical Engineer has successfully completed the ICE’s Experiential Learning Assessment to qualify for the Chartered Engineer (CEng) level professional qualification.  The ICE introduced the Experiential Learning Assessment to bridge the gap between Incorporated Engineer (IEng) and CEng qualifications, for individuals who do not have the Masters degree normally required to attain the CEng level.

We take this opportunity to extend our thanks to the whole team of Supervising Civil Engineers, Delegated Engineers, peers, colleagues and secretaries who all support the Engineers throughout their journey to sitting their Professional Review.  With a total of six engineers who sat their review in November and December, and one engineer still due to sit their review in the next couple of weeks, it’s been a particularly busy time for the ICE Scheme and all those involved in the preparation for the CPRs.  This involvement includes reviewing reports and practice written exercise papers, leading attribute Q&As sessions, crash courses in H&S and the IMS, numerous mock reviews, and countless discussions along the way. 

Please join us in congratulating Kevin, Nathan, Teo and Jamie on their success.