June 2019

Congratulations to Petya Petkova and Quang Trinh, who have all had great success with their training through the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) this year.

Left to right: Petya Petkova, Civil Engineer and Quang Trinh, Civil Engineer

Petya Petkova achieved Chartered Engineer status this week, following her Professional Review with the ICE, which comprised of a report, presentation, interview and written exam. The ICE Training Scheme and Professional Review require a lot of effort and determination and Petya has demonstrated great enthusiasm and focus to achieve this.

We are delighted that Petya has succeeded in obtaining Chartership.

Quang Trinh continues to make excellent progress to becoming a Chartered Engineer, having completed his Initial Professional Development (IPD) under the ICE Training Scheme. Demonstrating that he has achieved the required level in all nine Attributes, Quang will now continue to consolidate his experience and work towards undertaking the Chartered Professional Review.

Rendel operates an ICE Approved Training Scheme, providing structured training towards achieving Chartership. We have three Board Directors who act as Supervising Civil Engineers to oversee our ICE Training Scheme and we also support staff through other routes to Chartership such as the European Directive route and Career Appraisals route.

Rendel’s ICE Membership Development Officer, Lucinda Smith, commented “Rendel has a well structured and well run ICE Training Scheme. Graduate engineers have opportunities to gain challenging, varied experience, to take responsibility and they receive good support.”

In 2018 we had eight graduate engineers on this scheme, and this has more than doubled in the last year. These latest successes add to the four engineers who achieved Chartered status earlier in 2018.