March 2024

Coventry Very Light Rail

Photo credit: Rendel Limited

Coventry’s innovative Very Light Rail (VLR) project was demonstrated on Monday 11 March 2024 at the Black Country Innovative Manufacturing Organisation’s Very Light Rail National Innovation Centre in Dudley. The battery-powered, zero-emission vehicle ran on a test track loop at the centre, giving visitors the opportunity to experience the specialised performance features including the ability to negotiate a tight 15m radius curve which simulates a typical right turn manoeuvre into an urban street.

Rendel and Ingerop were appointed as the innovating partner in 2020 and went on to design the inventive trackform in partnership with Warwick Manufacturing Group (University of Warwick). Since then, Ingerop and Rendel have continued to work on the concept design and O&M phases for the City of Coventry. Rendel’s Peter Knee, Transport Market Sector Director and Virginie Lanfrey, Director – Infrastructure attended the demonstration event.

The vehicle will be tested on a demonstrator track within the Coventry city centre later in 2024.