May 2021

Flood Protection Works in Peru

Photo credit: NGE Contracting

Rendel has been appointed by the JV Consorcio Rios del Norte (conformed by SACEEM and GUINTOLI/NGE Group) to undertake the detailed design of the DEFENSAS RIBEREÑAS DEL RÍO LA LECHE Y EL RÍO MOTUPE Project in Peru part of the Integral Plan for the Control of Floods and Mass Movements of the Motupe River Basin and the Integral Plan for the Control of Floods and Mass Movements of the La Leche River Basin - Department of Lambayeque, developed by ARCC (Autoridad de Reconstruccion con Cambios) from Peru.

The project proposes to develop the structural component (flood protection works) and a non-structural component (training works); through four sub projects for each river. These subprojects include:

  • Flood protection works, i.e. dikes (approx. 90 km)
  • Protection in riverbanks (rock revetment, hydroseeding, geocell, etc.)
  • Hydraulic structures, such as dams, irrigation canals, safety weirs
  • Two new bridges and extension of an existing one

In addition, the project comprises the fluvial modelling of both river basins and the scope definition for topographic and geotechnical investigations.

Rendel/Ingerop will undertake detailed design of the river protections, hydraulic and bridge structures and will perform the hydraulic modelling. Rendel/Ingerop will also prepare For construction Drawings and  Bill of Quantities.

Rendel will be responsible for the design management, the bridge and geotechnical design of the project.