November 2022

Garacad Seaport, Somalia Passes First Milestone

Photo credit: Bulshaawi

Stage 1 of the Garacad Seaport in Somalia was opened by the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud at an inauguration ceremony on 22 October 2022.

The new port at Garacad is the third port in Somalia and its construction will open up trade routes from the horn of Africa, central Somalia and the south-eastern region of Ethiopia and the Arabian Gulf, Asia and the wider world.  It is funded by Wadaagsin Investors Infrastructure Fund.  

Stage 1 of the port construction included a new berth to enable the safe navigation of approaching vessels into the port to aide the delivery of crucial construction materials and plant.

Rendel’s ports sector, in collaboration with Ingerop Kenya and Ingerop South Africa, is delivering design review services for the development of the port for Wadaagsan Company.  Our services have included consultation and engineering design services, full design review and the optimisation of the design for the ongoing port construction project.