June 2022

Ingerop and Its Partners Win the New T5 Tramway Line Project in Nice

Credit: LA/BA Architectes Left: La Trinité - Station Centre / SNCF Station; Right: Nice - Lines 1 and 5 Place de l'Armée du Rhin

Ingerop, leader of the TramVen consortium, along with its partners EGIS and LA/BA Architecte Urbanisme Paysage, has won the project management contract for the T5 tramway line in the Nice metropolitan area. The T5 line will link the east of Nice to La Trinité and then to Drap, located in the northeast of the Nice Côte d'Azur metropolitan area. The central part of the line is scheduled to open at the end of 2025, with the entire line to be delivered in 2028. The T5 line is expected to carry 50,000 passengers per day and reduce peak-hour vehicle traffic by 20 to 25%.

A major urban transportation infrastructure project

The project is part of an ambitious transportation master plan that includes tramways, bus rapid transit (BRT) and cable transportation. The new T5 line will be 7.6 km long, with 16 stations, and will serve the municipalities of Nice, La Trinité and Drap. The future route will start at the Palais des Expositions station and go as far as the Pont Michel neighborhood (in connection with the T1 line), then Ponts Jumeaux, Bon Voyage, Ariane and then the town of La Trinité before its terminus in Drap.

Environmental and social dimension

The TramVen consortium will have the task of developing, within a very short timeframe, a tramway line based on two strong objectives: environmental and social.

Environmental protection is a major element of this operation and the project will be certified HQE (High Environmental Quality) and will therefore be exemplary in all aspects of sustainable development. To meet this target, the group plans to work on heat islands by planning the route along planted promenades I and II of the Promenade du Paillon, to limit soil sealing, to recycle materials and to pay particular attention to biodiversity. In addition, the T5 tramway line project will give pride of place to soft mobility and intermodality. A bicycle path will be created along the tramway. Three park and ride parking lots with more than 250 spaces each will be set up at strategic locations to facilitate the transfer of individual transport to the tramway.

The creation of the new T5 tramway line also has societal importance, as it will make it possible to irrigate sectors of the metropolitan area undergoing major changes and thus improve the urban quality of the neighborhoods it passes through. Finally, a cultural dimension is also brought to this project as the line will connect the MAMAC (representing the art school of Nice) located further south, the space "Le 109" pole of contemporary cultures of Nice, the Lino Ventura theatre and the Jean Ferrat Hall.

A local, involved and experienced group

From 2010 to 2019, the Ingerop and Egis teams, through the Essia consortium, have worked to deliver the innovative T2 and T3 lines. Since 2021, they have been working on the T4 line through the Tram4West consortium.

The TramVen consortium is grateful to the Nice Côte d'Azur Metropolis for the trust it has placed in them, and is proud to embark on this new adventure, continuing the transformation of the metropolitan area through this 5th tramway line, which will improve mobility and the quality of life of its inhabitants.