April 2022

Ingerop purchases ACTERRA - a pioneering firm in the field of climate change

From left to right: Yves Metz, President of Ingerop; Stéphane Simonet, Director of Acterra Consulting; and François Lacroix, Scientific and Technical Director of Ingerop

Ingerop, a major player in engineering and consulting, has just acquired Acterra, an engineering and consulting firm based in Marseille and working in the field of climate policies and climate change adaptation strategies. A pioneer in this field, which is now at the heart of private and public stakeholders concerns, Acterra has more than 15 years of expertise in France and abroad. This acquisition is in line with Ingerop's desire to strengthen its engineering and consultancy offer with cutting-edge expertise and to increase and strengthen its efforts in the ecological transition arena in all of the market sectors, a priority focus of its "Vision 2025" corporate strategy.

Acterra, a pioneer in climate change adaptation and resilience

For more than 15 years, Acterra has been supporting its clients at every stage of their projects: providing expertise in the diagnostic phases of climate change impacts, defining strategies and action plans, supporting change and assisting clients, institutional and organisational reforms, monitoring and evaluation of policies and projects, access to climate finance, research and innovation. The firm works with international financial institutions (AFD, GIZ, FFEM, World Bank), international organisations (UNEP, UNDP, FAO, Green Climate Fund, etc.), governments and national agencies (ADA, APAL, ADEME, etc.), local authorities (Aix-Marseille Metropole, Grand Paris Seine and Oise urban community, etc.) and private companies.

Based in Marseille, Acterra employs eight people and has a turnover of around 1.2 million euros, which has been growing steadily since its creation.

A merger that brings synergy, complementarity, and commitment

While remaining an independent entity, led by its current director, Stéphane Simonet, Acterra will join Ingerop Méditerranée, whose headquarters are also based in Marseille, thereby bringing the synergy and complementarity of the teams into full play.

The company's expertise will naturally feed into all the projects carried out by Ingérop in its various assignments and activities (buildings, water, energy, industry, infrastructure, transportation, urban development) and will thus enable Acterra to broaden its scope of action. Indeed, the capacity to adapt and be resilient to climate change is a key issue today, whatever the project - public or private, its scale - local or international, or the nature of the assignment.

Finally, Acterra will reinforce Ingérop's know-how in research and development of climate services, as well as in training, to strengthen the expertise of all the group's employees and clients.

"I am delighted with this partnership with Acterra, which is perfectly in line with our 2025 strategic vision. Indeed, the challenges of climate change are now at the heart of all our clients’ concerns and of the projects we undertake. The expertise of Acterra's teams and the recognition of their know-how at the international level will be real assets for us in the future", says Yves Metz, President of Ingérop.

For Stéphane Simonet, director of Acterra Consulting: "Acterra has experienced significant growth in its activities in France and abroad in recent years. The merger with Ingérop will allow us to continue this development and to enrich our range of services and solutions thanks to the synergies created with the group's various entities. For us, this is the right decision, given the urgency of the climate change situation and the constantly changing needs of our clients, and the right partner, whose strategy, values, and governance model are fully in line with our entrepreneurial vision.”