August 2021

Initial Professional Development Success

Nathan Goodreid

We are pleased to announce that Nathan Goodreid, structural engineer, has completed his Initial Professional Development (IPD) under the Institution of Civil Engineers Training Scheme. This milestone demonstrates that Nathan has achieved the required level in all 9 Attributes to be able to undertake the Chartered Professional Review. 

This has been formally signed off by the ICE’s Member Development Officer, Karl Pasmore. 

We congratulate Nathan and will work with him to consolidate his experience and work towards undertaking the Professional Review later this year. 

Rendel is an ICE approved employer, operating an ICE Training Scheme, providing structured training towards Chartership. We have three Operational Board Directors who act as Supervising Civil Engineers to oversee the ICE Training Scheme. In 2019 we had thirteen engineers on this scheme, and in 2021,  we have over 30 engineers on the Scheme.

Rendel’s ICE Training Scheme won the 2019 Construction News Award in the Graduate Initiative category.