June 2018

M6 Transit Corridor Improvements, Belarus

Rendel has been appointed to provide consulting services on the improvements and reconstruction on the above road, which runs from Minsk to Grodno to Bruzgi on the Polish border, funded by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. This will involve a systematic and independent examination of road and supervision works on the M6 Corridor by carrying out independent technical audits.

The M6 transit corridor reconstruction works will improve transport connectivity, cross border procedures and safety for domestic and international road users on selected sections of the M6 Corridor. The works will include:

  • Widening of selected sections of the road from two lanes to four
  • Installing crash barriers in the central reservation, side barriers, bus stops, road signs and road markings on selected sections
  • Improvement of vertical alignments of selected sections

Rendel will be providing independent technical audits of the road works carried out by the contractors. Rendel was working under the supervision of the consultants in order to ensure that the organisational, technical, contractual and financial activities comply with contractual and technical specifications, are implemented correctly to achieve the objectives of the project.

The main audit activities carried out by Rendel’s team will include:

  • Review of the design documentation and specifications
  • Examination of road, drainage and bridge works
  • Inspection of the contractor’s documents and engineer’s records
  • Coring, sampling and laboratory testing of the road pavement layers
  • Assessment of overall bearing capacity of the road pavement layers by a pavement deflectometer
  • Assessment of overall riding quality of the completed sections (IRI survey)