January 2016

Rendel appointed on UK's largest marine development project

Rendel, which has been working on marine projects on the Humber since 1900, has been appointed to provide Category 3 checking on the £200 million Able Marine Energy Park (AMEP), currently the largest marine project in the UK. Rendel joins NIRAS Fraenkel, who is carrying out the detailed design on the project which commenced at the end of 2015 and is due for completion in 2018.

AMEP, which is planned to be a major facility for DONG Energy, is designed to be a bespoke port for renewable energy, particularly offshore wind turbines. It will cover 800 acres including multi-use facilities, and will include 1,389m of new heavy-duty, deep-water quays. The marine park will provide facilities for the manufacture, storage, assembly and deployment of the latest generation of wind turbines. It will create a ‘cluster’ for renewable energy through its proximity to the sea, as well as the large area of land to accommodate the manufacturing and storage facilities. It will enable the opportunity to provide UK-based renewable energy production with the potential for export to Europe.

Rendel’s maritime experience on the Humber goes back 116 years and includes design check and construction supervision of the Immingham Oil Terminal in 1966, and subsequent repairs on the jetties of this facility; logistics studies for the Immingham Coal Terminal; maintenance of shipping channels on the River Humber using a trailing suction hopper dredger; flooding reviews for the Humber Estuary; and the design of the Dutch River Swing Bridge.