Aswan Cable-Stayed Bridge

Rendel was appointed as the Egyptian Government’s consultants for the design and construction of a 977m long, 21m wide cable-stayed road bridge, with a main span of 250m, over the River Nile, approximately 10km down river from the two Aswan dams. The bridge is in a seismically active region and required major river foundations.

The 1km long dual-lane road crossing of the Nile comprises a 500m cable-stayed bridge and approach viaducts. The bridge is in a seismically active region and requires major river foundations. The cable-stayed bridge is a post-tensioned concrete box girder segmented by a mono-plane stay system. The approaches comprise a twin concrete box girder bridge

Rendel prepared the tender documents for the procurement of the capital works under a design and build form of contract to Egyptian law. In association with a local consultant (Arab Consulting Engineers (ACE)) Rendel led the three project phases:

  • Phase I outline design, preparation of bidding documents and specifications
  • Phase II tender prequalification and evaluation
  • Phase III check of contractor's detailed design

Rendel’s services to the client included specialist advice and the drafting of project specific design criteria in relation to cable-stays, seismic engineering, wind and temperature loading and traffic loading. We were also responsible for the technical, commercial and contractual evaluation of tenders and the making of recommendations to the client. The detailed design of the cable-stayed bridge included ship impact and seismic analysis as well as carrying out a concrete time-dependent analysis of the cable-stayed bridge and a check of the casting curves. Rendel also provided expert technical advice and supervision in relation to the cable-stayed bridge.