Mtentu Bridge

Image credit: Dissing+Weitling

Mtentu Bridge will be one of the highest bridges in the world.

With a deck height of approximately 223 metres, Mtentu Bridge will hold the record in Africa for the massive central span of 260 metres, constructed by the balanced cantilever method. It will be total of 1,132 metres long. The approach viaducts will be constructed by the incremental launching method (ILM). 

The under construction bridge will be a major project with a short section of approach roadworks on either side of the bridge, as well as parking area and access roads.

Rendel and Ingerop South Africa were appointed by a joint venture between Aveng and Strabag (A.S. Joint Venture) to provide independent checking of special temporary works and erection engineering on the construction of the Mtentu River Bridge on the N2 Wild Coast Toll Road in the Eastern Cape province, South Africa.

The scope of services included:

  • Checking of the permanent works under temporary conditions during construction
  • Checking for stage by stage deflections and geometry control during construction
  • Checking of Special Temporary Work (STW) for the balanced cantilever bridge
  • Checking of STW for the ILM bridge
  • Checking of temporary towers, supports, fixings, temporary prestressing
  • Checking of the design of the temporary suspension bridge