Second Roads and Safety Improvement Project Component 3: Institutional Capacity Building

Photo credit: Rendel

Rendel provided World Bank funded technical assistance to Ukravtodor in support of its role as Road Agency in the administration and management of the road network of Ukraine. The project key objectives were:

  • Support Ukravtodor in strengthening the capacity of the organisation to improve the road management and quality of roads, based on the best international practice
  • Identify key stages and processes in the sector of planning for short, medium and long-term perspective and improve their effectiveness in order to ensure the principle of consistency and efficiency of implementation of projects launched in previous years, where necessary by adopting and adapting new or different technologies

Focus was on the planning and preparation of projects and the introduction of up to date traffic modelling and project appraisal techniques and technologies. Rendel carried out its activities in close cooperation with Ukravtodor, the Ministry of Infrastructure, other Ministries, development partners, other stakeholders (public and private) and educational institutions.

In line with the capacity building objective, Rendel also worked closely with the nominated local experts to improve their capacity in these key areas:

  • Ukraine road sector diagnostics
  • Audit of system for quality control
  • Transparency and information disclosure
  • Preparation of the Model PBC (OPRC) tender documents
  • Client's support on 398km PBC (OPRC) project on the M06 road
  • Management Information Systems
  • Quality audit of a maintenance department and other state-owned enterprises
  • Quality audit of two supervision contracts on the M03 road